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Developed with experts - everything is tuned to you and your goal. You choose your destination, your preferences. We provide you with the right nutrition plan.

Every person is individual. Everyone has his excuses with which to move the goal further into the distance. Do you find yourself again?

  • Housewife
  • father of a family
  • Workaholics
  • Diet-impaired

I got so much on my mind - the kids, shopping, my husband. Everybody has to be fed! I‘m not on a diet, they look at me as if I was from another star.

Right, but the Diety recipes are all suitable for everyday use. You can decide together what everyone likes. For you it will be adjusted exactly to calories. Everyone gets full and you optimize your weight.

Of course I‘ve had a gut since we got married and the kids were here. Before, yes before, I almost had a six-pack. My wife likes me the way I am.

And maybe your wife would want you more if you had a few muscles? You could have more kids romping around with your kids instead of snorting. As a father of a family, you have a responsibility to feed your whole family healthier!

I‘m just in the fast lane. I give 100%. Dates, dates, dates. From time to time for training and shooting down properly until the muscles hurt. Nutrition is for people who have a lot of time.

Sometimes less is more. And just like in business, the quality must be right. Quality of the execution of your fitness exercises. Quality on the plate. And quality on schedule. We have it!

Well, I‘ve been through it all. I know it exactly! Diets don‘t help me. I even tried pills. Nothing - but also not at all helps with me.

You will then be one of those who have devoted yourself to all the standard brigitte diets and their variations, have had your metabolism scrapped. Please be clear: there is no such thing as a diet - there is YOUR diet.